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Bug#687099: live-boot: Breaks booting when used from Squeeze

severity 687099 minor
tag 687099 moreinfo

On 2012-09-09 18:55, adrian15 wrote:
When building an Squeeze debian live cd inside an Squeeze system and
trying to use live-boot* packages from unstable seems to be broken.

did you use live-build 3.x to build the squeeze images? if not, rebuild with latest live-build 3.x.



this is not supported that way anyway.

if you want to use live-{boot,config} 3.x on squeeze, you do need to rebuild them on squeeze first (and put them into your own repository, or as local packages into the config tree). live-* 3.x builds different packages depending on where it was built, and adjust any boot parameters for 3.x manually within live-builds config tree.

additionally, you need matching live-boot and live-config versions, mixing random pre-latest-sid versions doesn't work either.

last but not least, this is a minor bug. live-* 3.x primeraly is for wheezy, not for squeeze although we try to keep compatibility with one release before the target release whenever we can.

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