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Re: IPAPPEND/BOOTIF support in live-boot

Argh, I apologize for the inline url:s and resending the mail in a
hopefully more readable way.

In  9990-networking.sh (git HEAD) there is the following code (the same
code snippet is available in 3.0~a24-1ubuntu1, the version available in
Ubuntu Precise):

15      if [ -z "${NETBOOT}" ] && [ -z "${FETCH}" ] && [ -z "${HTTPFS}" ] && [ -z "${FTPFS}" ]
16      then
17              # support for Syslinux IPAPPEND parameter
18              # it sets the BOOTIF variable on the kernel parameter
20              if [ -n "${BOOTIF}" ]
21              then
22                      # pxelinux sets BOOTIF to a value based on the mac address of the
23                      # network card used to PXE boot, so use this value for DEVICE rather
24                      # than a hard-coded device name from initramfs.conf. this facilitates
25                      # network booting when machines may have multiple network cards.
26                      # pxelinux sets BOOTIF to 01-$mac_address

What are the reason for only checking for BOOTIF if NETBOOT, FETCH,
HTTPFS and FTPFS are empty?

Imho you should be able to use BOOTIF to specify the device to boot from
even if any of them are set. They have nothing to do with eachoterh.

I.e 'if [-n "$BOOTIF}" ] ... fi' should be move before the 'if [ -s
"${NFSBOOT}" ...".

Best Regards

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