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Re: speed up boot, faster boot

On 08/30/2012 09:10 AM, Malic Zilyas wrote:
there is a limit to the length of the boot parameters string. [...] Can I extend this limit?

not without recompiling the kernel.

for live-boot/live-config related parameters, they can be put into the image itself, see live-config manpage.

1) The kernel/initrd is booted in 3,5s, then it takes an extra 7 a 8
secondens for the live-system to mount the squashfs and mount the
persistence partition. Is there a way I can make this faster?

sure, help us decruft and simplify live-boot. patches welcome.

2) Is there anyone able to use fedora-readahead on a squashfs?

this is only relevant for optical media. i presume you're using an usb stick, so there's nothing to gain here with read-ahead.

3) Any other tips? Caching?

use systemd.

live-config-systemd should work in theory, haven't tried it for quite some time though. in case it doesn't work anymore.. patches welcome.

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