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Bug#686203: live-build: binary image "hdd" is broken

Unreproducible. Unfortunately, since you only excerpted the build.log and didn't show the whole
thing, we have no way of knowing if there were earlier problems that led to the failure at the end
that you included in your bug report. Please try a fresh build in a new directory again, and this
time, if it fails, include the whole log.

On 08/29/2012 04:27 PM, George Bak wrote:
> mkdir live1
> cd live1
> lb config
> lb config --architectures i386
> lb config --linux-flavours 686-pae
> lb config --binary-images hdd

Although I confirmed by testing this did not cause your problem, running 'lb config' multiple times
like this is not recommended, as some options may be defaulted by your initial invocation that are
not overridden in subsequent invocations. Depending on which options you specify between one 'lb
config' and the next, you may end up with configuration with inconsistent/incompatible options the
way you're doing it. Please see live-manual chapter 6 which explains how to manage a configuration

> lb build 2>&1 | tee build.log

I could not reproduce the problem with these steps with live-build 3.0~a58-1 configuring the same
image in the documented way:

mkdir live-hdd
cd live-hdd
lb config --architectures i386 --linux-flavours 686-pae --binary-images hdd

Nor could I reproduce the problem following exactly the same steps as you did above. I diffed the
config trees created from both tests and found only insignificant differences, so you were lucky
this time. As I indicated above, that might not always be the case with multiple runs of 'lb config'
when you don't use auto as described in chapter 6.


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