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live-build_3.0~a58-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED into unstable

Hash: SHA1

Format: 1.8
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2012 16:33:10 +0200
Source: live-build
Binary: live-build live-build-cgi
Architecture: source all
Version: 3.0~a58-1
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Debian Live Project <debian-live@lists.debian.org>
Changed-By: Daniel Baumann <daniel@debian.org>
 live-build - Debian Live - System build scripts
 live-build-cgi - Debian Live - System build scripts (CGI frontend)
Closes: 684865 684893 684896 685534 685675
 live-build (3.0~a58-1) unstable; urgency=low
   [ Daniel Baumann ]
   * Simplyfing sourcing of build.sh and getting away with the broken
     subshell construct.
   [ Richard Nelson ]
   * Remove frontend/cgi unofficial custom binary and custom bootstrap
   [ Daniel Baumann ]
   * Correcting typo in binary_syslinux when writing the flavour name to
     the config files (Closes: #684865).
   * Correcting fallback for default binary volatile mirror on ubuntu,
     thanks to Luigi Capriotti <l.capriotti@xbmc.org>.
   * Correcting wrong path to syslinux configuration files when using
     live-build from a local git clone, thanks to Raphael Hertzog
     <hertzog@debian.org> (Closes: #684893).
   * Switching back to use the more common ${@} instead of ${*}, it's not
     required in current lb_clean anymore.
   * Using /etc/live/build/*.conf instead of /etc/live/build.d/*.conf for
     consistency reasons.
   * Moving from cdn.debian.net to http.debian.net as binary mirror.
   [ Richard Nelson ]
   * frontend/cgi rename BINARY_INDICES to APT_INDICES
   * frontend/cgi only source /usr/lib/live/build.sh
   * frontend/cgi cleanup and support for clone, config, and build on
     cron job.
   * frontend/cgi cleanup remarked line of common function source from
     last commit on l-b-c.cron.
   [ Daniel Baumann ]
   * Improving check for missing apt-ftparchive to check for the actual
     file, rather than to check for a possible missleading bootstrap
   * Removing bootstrap-flavour option (Closes: #685675).
   * Removing bootstrap-include and bootstrap-exclude options.
   * Removing bootstrap-keyring option.
   * Correcting wrong bootstrap-qemu-exclude variable in defaults.
   * Applying patch from Colin Watson <cjwatson@ubuntu.com> to correct
     chroot hooks execution (Closes: #685534).
   * Exposing --debootstrap-options and --cdebootstrap-options publicly.
   * Adding some comments about the different locations of live-build in
     the central lb wrapper.
   * Calling local live-build embedded in config directly rather than to
     adjust path.
   * Removing old LB= hack when wrapper was not mandatory.
   * Moving aborting when no bootstrap tool is installed from defaults to
     the respective bootstrap script.
   * Correcting printf call cosmetically in central wrapper when
     prepending date and time for each command to not choke upon multiple
   * Making build.sh sourcing more robust (Closes: #684896).
   * Dropping lb prefix from live-build scripts, not needed anymore.
   * Setting default progress distribution from artax to baureo.
 9ab210e2a91d697bea3f6f464f58feb5dee5d401 1329 live-build_3.0~a58-1.dsc
 134dce71189570b5c73e5d40cb38a2bb5cc47e32 162952 live-build_3.0~a58.orig.tar.xz
 fe3955c5fb6a594e47c0ad9f1cb4a8d7bb2e19cd 47304 live-build_3.0~a58-1.debian.tar.xz
 286fd1c3dbe9e1b0902d988701f4618ec425b9cd 193646 live-build_3.0~a58-1_all.deb
 738fbee1c75d14f49c6c3785612bd57cf69c804c 70932 live-build-cgi_3.0~a58-1_all.deb
 1a27a7cc8b0fc9a8eab4dc17161af08cf3d785b21df8429e4dabe6a578d15048 1329 live-build_3.0~a58-1.dsc
 9d11aaadef6c703eb3ae8a243a56cd18dce6ffa8b5345f65e8e42267a009a7d4 162952 live-build_3.0~a58.orig.tar.xz
 22143513f2455054067d6f492c9d0bfc83f6583d316fded3310f144391e99367 47304 live-build_3.0~a58-1.debian.tar.xz
 994ed9df79693abe60afc94ebb26f9410e05601e0efca09700d624fbc98a85d6 193646 live-build_3.0~a58-1_all.deb
 bcc5f20400c85ebcdc8e385bacd33284861b0d1c5a606f767ec99399485df83e 70932 live-build-cgi_3.0~a58-1_all.deb
 331aad96cf35d0adb39a9605fb96e945 1329 misc optional live-build_3.0~a58-1.dsc
 7a8d205753d15dd5f6ff8a302cae88db 162952 misc optional live-build_3.0~a58.orig.tar.xz
 c84008c0ab4f25f3c2857f9cc91dd29c 47304 misc optional live-build_3.0~a58-1.debian.tar.xz
 f1a831f5f5599b7debe15042224f28eb 193646 misc optional live-build_3.0~a58-1_all.deb
 c78087f735a8a8abbf4398749eff559f 70932 misc optional live-build-cgi_3.0~a58-1_all.deb

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