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Re: [PATCH] libnss_dns.so.* in multiarch

On 08/15/2012 05:48 AM, Steven Shiau wrote:
> Having a boot parameter or option to enable LIVE_DNS in live-boot.

currently, the required files for dns resolution are not included by
default in the initrd, for two reasons:

  1. because it's hardly tested, and
  2. because it increases the initrd size (don't know if it's
     significantly or not).

if it works well, and if it doesn't increase the size of the initrd
signficantly, we should include these files by default and
unconditionally. if someone could do the work for this, that would be
very nice, as i'm not sure i'll get to that too before wheezy.

having a boot parameter doesn't make sense: if the files are there, dns
resolution works, if the files are not there, dns resolution doesn't
work. it's not something you can 'turn on' and 'turn off' again.

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