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Bug#684896: live-build: loading of build.sh does not work as expected in various scripts

severity 684896 normal
retitle 684896 sourcing build.sh doesn't work in all situations
tag 684896 pending

On 08/14/2012 03:43 PM, Raphaël Hertzog wrote:
- What's in git debian-next right now (14f5793) does not work

that doesn't really matter, it's debian-next, but yes.. it's unfinished business.

- What's in sid right now (3.0~a57-1) does not work in the case where you
   want to run it out of a git checkout:

which is a minor issue.

Those few lines are duplicated across many scripts. My suggestion is to
do the check only once in bin/lb (with a real if statement and not an ||
construct) and to export a variable with the path to build.sh and source
that in other scripts.

it's because in the past, the lb_* scripts could be called by themselfs, not through the lb wrapper. as the lb wrapper is now 'mandatory' for several versions already, it's not actually a problem of doing that in one place only, yes.

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