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Re: Various bugs in live-debconfig with regards to lxc

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i took the liberty to forward our previous two mails to the list to,
so that the whole thread is available to other people and the list

On 08/05/2012 07:37 PM, Jon Severinsson wrote:
> Well, working until upgrade is better than not working at all ;),
> but yes, in the long run a better workaround is needed.

yes; applied (slightly changed afterwards, and added a FIXME to
remember for later).

> initscripts will unconditionally mount a tmpfs on /run

ouch :((

someone should report this as a bug.

> so the only way to > *not* mounting a tmpfs on /run is to not run
> either initscript (or edit them to not mount /run when in lxc,
> which I have no idea of how to do).

editing (or replacing) initscripts through live-debconfig is out of
the scope. so not running them it is then.

> The only reason it works in the default configuration is that the
> default lxc configureation file includes "lxc.cap.drop = sys_admin"
> which makes both these initscripts a no-op, except for spewing
> error messages on the console (so it's not like disabling them
> actually breaks anything that works in the default configuration
> anyway).

ack; applied, thanks.

> OK, done for nr 2 and 4, you've already fixed 1, and I don't know
> how to do 3 and 5 propperly.

i'll take care about 3 and 5, no problem.

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