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Re: live-config manpage, Italian translation update

On Fri, Aug 3, 2012 at 8:31 AM, chals <chals@altorricon.com> wrote:

Next time, you can 'poo' the file:

After sending the mail this morning I thought that some people would fail to understand it. So let me clarify in order to avoid any possible misunderstandings.

With "You" (I meant skizzhg). I should have perhaps added: "before submitting the file" at the end of the sentence to make it evident. 

And in respect to 'poo', in order to avoid any susceptibilities, it stands for "PO Officer" the pun was intended, but absolutely no offense intended.
I hope I have made myself understood this time and not made things worse, and sorry in advance (just in case)

Have a nice weekend ;)


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