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Bug#682504: Vanilla standard live image kernel panics: init killed

I retested with a simpler config, just the 'standard' list this time,
but otherwise the same as before. Also, I turned on 'set -x' in the init
script in initramfs to see what was happening. It turns out the crash
occurs in the middle of live-bottom scripts, and that's when I began to
suspect live-boot. I then went back over the logs for various recent
test images I have built, and found I hadn't had any successes yet with
the new live-boot 3.0~a36-1, so I rebuilt again with the vanilla
standard config, but this time reverting to live-boot 3.0~a35-1 and the
problem disappeared.

So, clearly the problem was introduced in 3.0~a36-1, though in the
limited time I had available to test I was unable to determine exactly
where. My main problem is that from one test run to the next I don't
necessarily see the same last line output from init before it dies, so I
can't be certain which line(s) of the scripts caused init to die.


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