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Bug#682574: live-tools, procps: live-tools and procps must consistently handle /usr/bin/uptime

On 07/24/2012 01:16 AM, Craig Small wrote:
>> A possible solution that should work:
>> * procps ships uptime.procps and uptime.procps.1.gz
>> * live-utils ships live-uptime and live-uptime.1.gz
>> * both register an alternative for uptime with uptime.1.gz slave
> Yep, would of done it had I known about it, I'll update procps with
> this and the fix below, thanks!

no, don't do that, it's overkill.

live-tools should for the time being contains a 'fix' for uptime to be
usefull within lxc containers (don't ask why this is in a package called
live-*, that's another sad story), once that's not necessary anymore
because upstream handels that, we can just remove it.

i'll add a divertion for the manpage too, (which is pretty pointless,
saying it's a divertion and that everything in the 'original' manpage
applies, but anyway...), procps should not be changed in anyway wrt/
this bug.

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