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Bug#544192: Please add debian-live pseudo package

On 07/21/2012 02:59 AM, Don Armstrong wrote:
> I understand now that you aren't planning on ever wanting to use it as a package name,


> but it also means that no one else will ever be able to use it as a
> package name.

that's ok.

in the past six years, we have consistently used 'debian-live' to refere
to the project, always and everywhere, and using this as a package name
does not ever make sense, not even in future :)

having said this already three years ago in the first reply in
and, nothing changed since then, just shows that we really are sure of
not ever wanting to use a package called 'debian-live'.

hence, to word it explicitly again, our choice of name for the
pseudo-package would then be 'debian-live'.

> I'm also going to assume that the correct maintainer address for the
> psuedopackage is debian-live@lists.debian.org?


> And the description should be something like:
> General problems with systems running Debian Live

since debian live is not a component of a system but more a type of
systems, it would probably make more sense to use the following wording:

  "General problems with Debian Live systems"

> Once the name is settled, I'll create the pseudopackage.

great, thanks.

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