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Re: [Request] Please delete the thread and it messages


On 07/18/2012 06:56 AM, Ramu Sethu wrote:
> Even though some spammer would have already got the ID, removing will at least reduce the rate at
> which spam increase. I don't think my question will be of much help to others users. Requesting
> again to remove them from archive.

Please see:


Regrettably, once you've posted, those posts are not only in our archive, but also many mirrors over
which we have no control, so assuming you could get the listmaster (listmaster@lists.debian.org) to
satisfy your request, your efforts, and the listmaster's, would likely be not worth the effort put
into it for the result that you would achieve.

Given the above, and since the community did invest effort in answering your question, so there is
actual value to the posts contained in the archive, whether or not you perceive that value to be
significant, I would counsel you to not bother following this up with the listmaster. Just tweak
your spam filter to ensure it is catching any new spams you now receive.


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