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Re: Option to skip "installing local package lists"?

Hi Ben,
On 07/17/2012 04:42 PM, Ben Armstrong wrote:
> Steven,
> On 17/07/12 05:36 AM, Steven Shiau wrote:
>> I am using live-build 3.0~a51-1 to create a customized live CD.
>> However, it always create a deb repository (/pool) in the iso
>> file. I think this is due to I list local packages in
>> config/package-lists/: echo "$pkgs" >
>> config/package-lists/my-packages.list Is any option I can use for
>> lb_config so that lb_binary_package-lists won't generate the deb
>> repository in iso file? Thanks in advance.
> As indicated in the section in live-manual on customizing package
> lists, you have specified a list for both chroot and binary. To make a
> list only for chroot, suffix it with .list.chroot instead.

Cool! It works!

> Ben

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