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persistence problem with downloaded live-image


I created a live-system on flash-disk with debian-live-6.0.4-amd64-kde-desktop.img, it works. But I can't create persistence.

I followed http://live.debian.net/manual/html/live-manual.en.html and created live-persistence.conf file by doing

$ echo "/home" >> /mnt/live-persistence.conf
$ echo "/var/cache/apt" >> /mnt/live-persistence.conf.

Of course I have a second partition on the flash disk with ext2 file-system and label "persistence". But this partition is not mounted automatically, so I don't understand how it could work. If I modify /etc/fstab, it will be overwritten at system-start.

I also added "persistent" in "syslinux/live.cfg", so I have:

label live
menu label Live Persistent
kernel /live/vmlinuz
append initrd=/live/initrd.img boot=live config persistent quiet

as found at http://dmesg.fr/categorie-installation/106-creer-une-cle-usb-debian-squeeze-live-persistent (in french).

So what's wrong?



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