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Re: Re: Re: live-boot + FAI fails

So, I got it working with 

   git-buildpackage --git-ignore-new --git-ignore-branch --git-upstream-branch=origin/upstream -us -uc -i.*

The result:

f92f379a6e868bc486c050ff5ca81c1707da7374 is the first bad commit
commit f92f379a6e868bc486c050ff5ca81c1707da7374
Author: Tails developers <amnesia@boum.org>
Date:   Mon Apr 9 16:05:48 2012 +0200

    Allow using / as destination in custom mounts.
    Also make this backwards compatible with live-rw labelled volumes.

:040000 040000 ece897bd645116b847f87adaab39415456939b26 cedb07e6f22350e71a7795b977677319994548f8 M	scripts

The log:

root@wheezy:~/live-boot# git bisect log
git bisect start
# good: [1c158e15ba2d4b2e9cb166024393087aa3560d3d] Releasing debian version 3.0~a26-1.
git bisect good 1c158e15ba2d4b2e9cb166024393087aa3560d3d
# bad: [8e5f30cd75feedd2ccbb56243a1b1baa49251af9] Releasing debian version 3.0~a27-1.
git bisect bad 8e5f30cd75feedd2ccbb56243a1b1baa49251af9
# good: [8cd3e6c3489df0857579ca52ac291256d38f18cf] Fixing findiso argument parsing place to match the existing ordering.
git bisect good 8cd3e6c3489df0857579ca52ac291256d38f18cf
# good: [1e821c21107dc36f071659f8b2d7c8d95048b4d1] Updating toplevel Makefile to work with manpages having multiple dots in its filename.
git bisect good 1e821c21107dc36f071659f8b2d7c8d95048b4d1
# bad: [49f4d23bf89af431c787138641bdc6a61e042794] Supress warnings when probing media for persistence.
git bisect bad 49f4d23bf89af431c787138641bdc6a61e042794
# bad: [f92f379a6e868bc486c050ff5ca81c1707da7374] Allow using / as destination in custom mounts.
git bisect bad f92f379a6e868bc486c050ff5ca81c1707da7374
# good: [0622a98c98d454e80118d00ec76226ff209e1bc1] Renamling linkfiles option when using persistence to simply link.
git bisect good 0622a98c98d454e80118d00ec76226ff209e1bc1



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