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Issue with live-config


Right now, it looks like the boot-init.sh never runs when booting from
live media.
The issue is in line 14 of boot-init.sh (the version in git): The
recentaddition of the 'if'
essentially reverses the condition, so that if /proc/cmdline contains
the script will exit immediately.

My suggestion would be to change the 'grep -qs' in line 14 to 'grep -qsv'.

My git-fu is sadly lacking - I don't know how to create a proper patch
yet - but here
is the diff after I made the change in my local clone:

diff --git a/bin/boot-init.sh b/bin/boot-init.sh
index 1174306..4f30585 100755
--- a/bin/boot-init.sh
+++ b/bin/boot-init.sh
@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@
 set -e

 # Exit if system is not a live system
-if grep -qs "boot=live" /proc/cmdline || \
+if grep -qsv "boot=live" /proc/cmdline || \
 # Exit if system is netboot
    grep -qs "netboot" /proc/cmdline || \
    grep -qs "root=/dev/nfs" /proc/cmdline || \


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