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Re: Live built image not loading with installer

Tried the config "lb config -a amd64 -d wheezy --debian-installer live --debian-installer-distribution daily". But this also fails to boot with created iso image..

On Tue, Jun 26, 2012 at 2:49 PM, Ramu Sethu <ramusethu@ymail.com> wrote:
Hi All

I some how built the ISO image using wheezy snapshot of live.debian.net in squeeze host system.

The built image (burnt in USB) is not loaded when i select "live" in the boot options. It throws some Xorg error in glibc saying invalid pointer, which i am not sure how to copy as it displayed even before loading the OS

The config i used is

    "lb config -a amd64 -d wheezy --debian-installer live"

If i dont use "--debian-installer live" in the config command, the live image is booting and loading the live system, but i am not able to install the live system in the hardisk. So i included in "--debian-installer live" in the config command after cleaning, but now it is not loading itself

My intention is to create Gnome dekstop with the packages "openssh-server libreoffice module-assistant wireless-tools broadcom-sta-source" , which i have mentioned in the config/packages/ directory

Am i missing something in the config parameters ? What is wrong with "lb config -a amd64 -d wheezy --debian-installer live" ?

Could someone help me on this?

Ramu S

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