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Re: [live-build 3.0 (git)] Custom Kernel

On 07/01/2012 10:39 AM, leyoy@free.fr wrote:
> is it possible to had a custom kernel (I try to do a lowlatency kernel) in the config file?

if by custom you're refering to a custom build kernel, then.. once you
have build a proper kernel tree, and you made it available as either a
repository or within config/packages.chroot, the flavour can be chosen
with 'lb config -k whatever'.

should your custom kernel packages be named differently than what is
used in debian so that you can't make use of the meta packages
(linux-image-2.6 for squeeze, linux-image for wheezy/sid), you would
also need to adjust them with 'lb config --linux-packages whatever'.

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