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Possibly typo in [live-boot.git] / backends / initramfs-tools / live.hook


Recently I have noticed that fromiso boot does not work. While
building the system I've seen the next error

W: live-boot-initramfs-tools (backend) installed without live-boot,
W: this initramfs will *NOT* have live support.

It turns out, [live-boot.git] / backends / initramfs-tools / live.hook
is checking

  45 if [ ! -e /usr/share/live-boot ]
  46 then
  47         echo "W: live-boot-initramfs-tools (backend) installed
without live-boot,"
  48         echo "W: this initramfs will *NOT* have live support."
  49         exit 0
  50 fi

Which package contains the /usr/share/live-boot ?  Because live-boot
does not contain it,
as well as live-boot-doc and llive-boot-initramfs-tools packages.

Is that a bug?


Thanks for your work, seen a long list of changes, that's amazing.

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