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wmlive and empty fstab

Hi all,

i am relying on the debian-live facilities available via the
debian/unstable branch since quite a few months now to build and release
my debian testing/unstable based distribution wmlive (aka Window Maker
Live), which is relying on the latest up to date Window Maker packages
from debian/unstable as default graphical interface. It is very deeply
preconfigured and has gained quite some popularity among Window Maker

The project homepage is located at http://wmlive.sourceforge.net and the
latest release including the build configuration is available at
http://sourceforge.net/projects/wmlive/files/wmlive_2012-06-02 .

Like already mentioned in the posting "live-installer + empty fstab" by
Éclipse M <eclipse.magick@gmail.com>, the latest live-build/installer
produces only an empty /etc/fstab file while installing the live system
to disk, which is rather unfortunate.

There are even a few more quirks with the installation, so that i had to
write a quick'n'dirty script to work around these installation issues.
It performs a grub instalation in case the installer failed to manage
this (not really needed anymore), creates the also missing
/etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/cryptroot file for encrypted LVM and updates
the initrd.img accordingly, and now also populates the empty /etc/fstab
file with some suitable entries, as the installer currently doesn't
bother about it.

This script is named "wmlive-fix-install" and is available for download
as integrated part of the build customizations of wmlive from here:


Hope it helps, but i'd rather prefer to see all the shortcomings of the
live-installer be fixed, in order to be able to get rid of my own hacks.

Thanks a lot for the wonderful debian-live build infrastructure!

Best regards,
Paul Seelig

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