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live-boot_3.0~a30-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED into experimental

  to main/l/live-boot/live-boot-doc_3.0~a30-1_all.deb
  to main/l/live-boot/live-boot-initramfs-tools_3.0~a30-1_all.deb
  to main/l/live-boot/live-boot_3.0~a30-1.debian.tar.gz
  to main/l/live-boot/live-boot_3.0~a30-1.dsc
  to main/l/live-boot/live-boot_3.0~a30-1_all.deb
  to main/l/live-boot/live-boot_3.0~a30.orig.tar.gz

live-boot (3.0~a30-1) experimental; urgency=low
  * Removing dead lang2locale function and associated files, not used
  * Converting select_eth_device initramfs-tools pre-mount script into
    regular live-boot script.
  * Consistenly using 'true' instead of 'Yes' or 'yes' when using
  * Removing some dead boot parameters.
  * Splitting out integrity-check function to subscript.
  * Rewriting live-media checksum verification to work with any SHA and
    MD5 digests.
  * Updating read-only handling to new parameter handling.
  * Updating internal cmdline handling.
  * Updating swapon handling to new parameter handling.
  * Also allowing /dev/vd* to be used as swap devices and drop /dev/hd*.
  * Splitting out swap handling and rewriting to a live-boot subscript.
  * Moving validateroot bottom script into main boot script itself.
  * Removing exporting of variables for reviewed options in the cmdline
    function, not required.
  * Removing fastboot handling, the normal system handles this via
    'fastboot' bootparameter already.
  * Transforming persistence_excludes bottom script into normal live-
    boot script.
  * Transforming fstab bottom script into normal live-boot script.
  * Transforming networking bottom script into normal live-boot script.
  * Simplyfing initramfs-tools specific files within the source tree.

Override entries for your package:
live-boot-doc_3.0~a30-1_all.deb - optional doc
live-boot-initramfs-tools_3.0~a30-1_all.deb - optional misc
live-boot_3.0~a30-1.dsc - source misc
live-boot_3.0~a30-1_all.deb - optional misc

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