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Re: use LB_APT_HTTP_PROXY in debootstrap and for udebs

>> I'm going to let this settle for now and export http_proxy every time I use
>> live-build. Or maybe I'll change for squid. I'll return into this if I
>> get problems
>> with a not standard debian build.
> see the comments from the last couple of commits on debian-next, you
> don't need to do that manually.


I've built a snapshot from debian-next branch with dpkg-buildpackage and
installed it. Then, in an empty directory, I ran "lb config -d squeeeze ..." and
added A=1 to config/environment.binary just to try.

# lb config -d squeeze --archive-areas "main contrib non-free" -a i386
--linux-flavours 486 --debian-installer live
[2012-06-01 10:31:26] lb_config -d squeeze --archive-areas main
contrib non-free -a i386 --linux-flavours 486 --debian-installer live
P: Considering defaults defined in /etc/live/build.conf
P: Creating config tree for a debian/i386 system
# echo "A=1" > config/environment.binary
# lb build
[2012-06-01 10:31:36] lb_build
/usr/bin/lb: 67: /usr/bin/lb: A=1: not found

I know debian-next is work-in-progress; just to let you know about the error.

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