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Bug#673327: live-build incorrectly handles binary package lists and live-installer

package: live-build
severity: normal
version: 3.0~a47-1

I'm building an image with --debian-installer=live

If my d-i distribution is daily and my main distribution is wheezy then
it fails to have a package list in
elHere's what seems to happen
lb_binary_package-lists populates dists/wheezy as a directory and
generates indexes.
Later lb_binary_debian_installer attempts to  create a symlink to sid
called dists/wheezy. Since wheezy already exists  you get a symlink to
sid called sid in the wheezy directory.
That's mostly harmless.

But the default release for d-i built from daily is wheezy.  So if
dists/wheezy exists on the resulting image d-i looks for its components
there.  Unfortunately, lb_binary_debian_installer populates the release
file in the d-i parent distribution (sid) not the parent distribution
(wheezy) so d-i barfs unable to load components from cdrom.

The packages files are are also inconsistent: the sid packages files
include d-i required packages and the d-i components; the wheezy
packages only include packages needed for my package lists.

For my needs it's easy to create *.lists.chroot (that's probably what I
wanted anyway).  Still, it seems like it is worth fixing this or turning
it into a warning.

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