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Bug#668100: fromiso rewriting based on findiso structure

> I am trying to improve fromiso boot parametre current code.


> I attach a patch that:

>   a) Rewrites it to its code structure is as close as findiso one.
>      This implies that the /live/fromiso (previously called
>      /isofrom) folder is available in the new root filesystem at
>      /root/live/fromiso. This was not the case in the
>      old implementation.

>   b) Rewrites it to use fromiso string instead of isofrom string in
>      the code as often as possible.

> I would like some feedback before testing it to confirm that this is
> right way of coding/improving it.

I'd rather review split patches: one per kind of change.
A Git branch would be perfect, patches output by "git format-patch"
would do.

Besides, given the code structure of findiso and fromiso end up being
that similar, how hard would it be to factorize common logics somehow?

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