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Re: install live squeeze usb-hdd with 3.x kernel

Am Wednesday 07 March 2012 schrieb Ben Armstrong:
> I'm not sure if your response is what the user was looking for, as it
> appeared to be about installing, but there is a possibility that
> 'install' was a red herring and your advice is more along the lines of
> what he was looking for. However ...

yes, after my mail I was thinking about the same.

> On 07/03/12 06:40 AM, Stefan wrote:
> > you have to enable the backport-sources in the config:
> Please do not advise users to change variables in the config files.
> Those are not meant to be directly changed. You should always use 'lb
> config' instead. It is sufficient to say:
> $ lb config --backports true

Ok. I got used to edit some configurations direclty - because it seems to be 
more quickly. So thanks for clearing that the lb config should be the 
preferred way.

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