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Bug#661369: live-build: cannot change hostname

On 26/02/12 07:15 PM, upiter77@lycos.com wrote:
> Thx Ben, but
> lb config --hostname "my_name"
> doesn't work, perhaps due to the syslinux and I'm using syslinux as a
> boot loader.
> Any other idea to solve this problem?

Only the one that both Daniel *and* I have already given you, to use the
live-config 'hostname' option instead. Note: live-config is not
lb_config. To use live-config options, you need to pass them through
lb_config --bootappend-live, as explained in live-manual. Read 7.1 Build
time vs. boot time configuration, and chapter 10, Customizing run time
behaviours. Also, as we said before, see the live-config man page. Note
that in wheezy/sid, this man page is in the separately installed
live-config-doc package.


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