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Re: Debian Live Manual's Tutorial #2 fails to boot from menu


On Wed, Feb 22, 2012 at 4:17 PM, Ed E <eddy_drawde@yahoo.com> wrote:
>>> I used the following for the build:
>>> live-build 3.0i~24ubuntu1
>> Please make sure your live-build version is up-to-date. The version
>> number here is misreported. A correct Ubuntu live-build version#
>> would look something like: 3.0~a24-1ubuntu23. So I can't tell what > version you
>> have.
> The live-build 3.0i~24ubuntu1
> I got from the Ubuntu package manager:
> Here's the command line version:
> $ lb -v
> live-build, version 3.0~a23-1
> >From binary.packages.live:
> live-boot       3.0~a25-1
> live-boot-doc   3.0~a25-1
> live-boot-initramfs-tools       3.0~a25-1
> live-config     3.0~a32-1
> live-config-doc 3.0~a32-1
> live-config-sysvinit    3.0~a32-1
> live-tools      3.0~a6-1
> Assuming 3.0~a25-1 will fix the problem I'll have to get
> that from a Debian repository.
> 1) Can you give me the address?


> 2) Also once I get the update can I use the existing build
> directories.

Probably but, best to at least rerun the config and then if fails
start with pristine folder and setup.

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