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Re: Debian Live installer

Il 07/02/2012 11:44, Ben Armstrong ha scritto:
On 07/02/12 06:30 AM, broletto wrote:
The only thing wrong/bug of the installer d-i for me, 6.0.4?, it that
conclude the flow inconsistently. At the end of the set up, grub install
bla bla, d-i execute a simple exit install and leaving the user on the
desktop .. without eject the cd/dvd and then restart the system as is

So, you're saying there is nothing wrong with the installer, then? Your install was entirely successful? Glad to hear it.


hello Ben

**confirm** the install d-i works with **lb 2.0.12-2** all steps are completed, network,user,partitioning,grub etc. As mentioned, at the end of install cycle, i expected the automatic expulsion of the cd/dvd and the restart oh the os, but nothing: i must eject the support and restart manually my pc, does not seem quite right, but maybe something wrong, what do you think?



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