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Huge /pool folder with 202 MB of debs in basic minimal live system.

Good evening everyone.

I am using Live Build 3.0~a41-1. I've just finished building a live binary-hybrid.iso and before I tried burning to disc I thought I'd check the size of the iso. The iso is 514.9 MB which I thought was way to big for a basic image with icewm, synaptic, iceweasel, menu, and xterm (+ dependencies), I expected about 300-350 MB. Upon further investigation I see my /pool folder is 202 MB and full of debs. Now I have 2 package.list.binary that contain contrib and non-free wireless firmware and ndiswrapper and these debs are in the /pool folder as I expected them to be (contrib folder is 120.8 KB, non-free folder is 11.3 MB). However I also have a huge /main folder (190.6 MB) in /pool and would like to be able to remove it from the build process if at all possible. Why? Well this iso is supposed to be a minimal graphical environment where the end user picks what they want to install instead of me supplying what I think is best for them.

So my question is, what triggers do I need to modify in config to achieve this? From my reading of the mailing list there used to be something in LB2 but I can't see anything in LB3. If there is nothing in config is there another way to stop packages being placed in the /pool folder being the exact opposite to my deliberately placing the packages.list.binary files in the config/packages folder to place the non-free firmware and ndiswrapper debs in the /pool folder.


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