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Re: CGI builder at live.debian.net not offering wheezy as an option?

> Recently there was a hardware outage on live-build.debian.net , I took
> the opportunity to move live-build.debian.net to the live-build 3.x
> debian-next branch from git.
> ymmv: but wheezy and sid may build. At the moment, squeeze images will
> _not_ build.
> Thanks.

Thanks for this.  As a test I ran a wheezy build, standard-x11 package list with a few extra packages.  The build appears to have been successful; the log can be found here: 


I have not downloaded and tried to use it yet; I don't think I'll be able to as I will be traveling for almost two weeks.  Once I can will let you know how it goes.  

Thanks for all the work

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