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Bug#651520: live-build: booting a custom image fails because of missing /live/vmlinuz and /live/initrd symlinks

I attempted to follow the guidelines:

You need a hook to fix this. Create a file named renamekernel.binary. Place this in the hook dir. The file should have the following contents:

mv binary/live/initrd.img-* binary/live/initrd.lz
mv binary/live/vmlinuz-* binary/live/vmlinuz

I my config/hooks/renamekernel.binary is executable, and has the contents:

mv binary/live/initrd.img-* binary/live/initrd.img
mv binary/live/vmlinuz-* binary/live/vmlinuz

but with 'lb build', I get this error:

P: Begin executing hooks...
mv: target `binary/live/initrd.img' is not a directory
mv: target `binary/live/vmlinuz' is not a directory
E: config/hooks/renamekernel.binary failed (exit non-zero). You should check for errors.

I can change to binary/live/ and manually rename the kernel and initrd, but I can't figure out why the mv command fails in the hooks script.

Ah wait, I can, but I'll continue this in case someone else has the problem:  I have both 486 and 686-pae kernels and initrd in the directory, to mv is looking for a dir.  Deleting the unwanted kernel and initrd will fix.  Configuring lb config to only supply one kernel will prevent recurrence.

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