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live-build standardt iso image don't boot

Hi all

I played with live-package and live-helper some years ago.
I stopped because I was not able to obtain what I want at this moment (not the fault of the tool)

Today, I come back to try live-build.
So I installed it on my machine, start to read the manual and try the first tutorial.
$lb config
#lb build

So far so good, I obtain an iso image !
I tried to start it in VirtualBox, I had the menu but impossible to boot :-(

When I open the iso image, I found the script 'live.cfg'

default live
label live
    menu label ^Live
    menu default
    kernel /live/vmlinuz
    append initrd=/live/initrd.img boot=live config

But in the folder /live files are named :

my config:
Debian testing amd64
live-build        3.0~a39-1
debootstrap   1.0.37

Is it normal ?
How can I solve this issue ?


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