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new structure of config directory

Hi all,

I was going through live manual and found few sections to be unrelated to the latest live build version. The live build version that i am working on is 3.0~a37-1 and the manual that I am reading was generated on 25th October 2011.

Under section 9.1.1 a description of skeleton user directory was given. It also mentions that "To include files, simply add them to your config/chroot_local-includes directory."

This directory corresponds to the root directory (/) of the live system. For example, to
add a file /var/www/index.html in the live system, use:
$ mkdir -p config/chroot_local-includes/var/www
$ cp /path/to/my/index.html config/chroot_local-includes/var/www
Your configuration will then have the following layout:
-- config
|-- chroot_local-includes
`-- var
`-- www
`-- index.html
`-- templates
Chroot local includes are installed after package installation so that files installed by
packages are overwritten.

None of the above can be achieved because when i look into the config directory I couldn't find chroot_local-includes instead of that I can see chroot_local-patches and include.chroot which look close to what i want to achieve. I am confused of which one to use for including my custom files that have to be placed on the users home directory.

I am installing ibus for keyboad layout for my language. In order to start ibus automatically i have to copy a file to /home/<user>/.config/autostart/ibus-daemon.desktop. this will start ibus.

right now i copied the file to /etc/skel/.config/autostart/ibus-deamon.desktop. Hope it works.


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