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Bug#646137: live-boot-initramfs-tools: dhcp lease is not renewed when using netboot with nfsroot

retitle 646137 add script to handle dhcp-client when netbooting
reassign 646137 live-config
severity 646137 important

thank you for you very detailed bug report, i wish every bug report
would as good this.

On 10/21/2011 07:21 PM, Robert Euhus wrote:
> I am using a debian live system which is started via netboot. [...]
> When looking at the network traffic one can see that the DHCP lease is
> never renewed.

> Proposed solution:
> Since the information about which interface is started with dhcp is already made
> available in the final root of the running system (/var/log/netboot.config and
> /var/log/live.log) this information could be used to start a dhclient on this
> interface later in the boot process. This still seems a bit like a hack since
> the proper solution would imho require ipconfig to report the lease time, then
> construct a proper /var/lib/dhcp/dhclient.leases file and only start dhclient
> after that.

right, however, in the absent of a fixed ipconfig, we should still add
this workaround as you propose, otherwise netboot would be in such cases
simply broken.

> I also don't know what would be the best place to start the dhclient from.
> Maybe live-config?

yes, live-config.

unrelated to that: currently, the initial network config (in non-netboot
situations) is done by live-boot-initramfs'es 23networking live-bottom
script. this at some point needs to go to live-config too. or in other
words: adding above hack is not that bad as most of the things in there
would be needed once 23networking is moved from live-boot to live-config

patches for live-config more than welcome, i'm retiteling/reassign the
bug to live-config.

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