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Bug#645240: race-condition: background tasks run from postinst scripts cause lb_chroot_devpts to fail

reassign 645240 dwww
severity 645240 serious

On 10/13/2011 08:44 PM, Daniel Reichelt wrote:
> I was able to track down the issue to the
> dwww.postinst script, which does some index creation - in background (squeeze's
> dwww.postinst:67-71 to be exact).

i don't find the corresponding location in the policy for that (i'm not
even sure it has one), but this such behaviour of a package is wrong on
so many levels. postinst, with the exception of starting daemons (which
can be controlled by policy-rc.d), shall never spawn any processes in
the background.

so.. the dwww package needs to be fixed and there's actually nothing
generic we can do about it in live-build.

for dwww, i suggest to not run the indexing in the first place and only
give a message to the user that he needs to run it (like e.g. done in
the doodle package). but at least, dwww needs to ask the user (with
debconf, default to no) to do such a thing.

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