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Bug#643585: Bug 643585

On 10/01/2011 01:08 AM, Ben Howard wrote:
> 0001-Adding-Ubuntu-Cloud-Images-package-lists.patch:
>     - Adds Ubuntu Cloud images packages list

i'm sorry..

  * in ubuntu-cloud, you have a useless whitespace after landscape,
    plus a useless empty line at the end of the file.

    what editor do you use, and don't you highlight (or strip) those?

  * the comment in at the top of the file is supposed to refer to the
    actual file, not to the 'standard'.list where you probably copied
    it from.

  * #include <ubunut-cloud> looks like a typo and wouldn't work.

  * ubuntu-minimal is not a task, but a package, therefore you should
    list it in the packages section, not the task one in ubuntu-cloud.

otherwise good.

> 0002-Adding-check-for-valid-mtab-during-chrooted-binary-r.patch:
>     - Installs and reverts /etc/mtab if missing

applied, thanks.

> 0003-Adding-foreign-bootstrap-via-qemu-for-cross-arch-bui.patch
>     - Adds LB_BOOTSTRAP_QEMU_*

looks mostly ok, i'll try it out (not sure i'll get arround to it during
the weekend as i'm mostly away, at latest during monday) and then let
you know.

> Tested using lb_config commands of:
> lb_config --package-lists ubuntu-cloud --mode ubuntu --initramfs none
> --initsystem none --bootloader none -d oneiric -b rootfs
> --build-with-chroot true  --chroot-filesystem ext3 -a armel
> --bootstrap-qemu-arch armel --bootstrap-qemu-static /usr/bin/qemu-arm-static

jftr: with lb >= 3.0~a34-1, the above lb config command can be reduced to:

  lb_config --package-lists ubuntu-cloud --mode ubuntu --system normal
  --bootloader none -b rootfs --chroot-filesystem ext3 -a armel
  --bootstrap-qemu-arch armel --bootstrap-qemu-static /usr/bin/qemu-

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