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Re: Debian Sid lb build failing with chroot of libc6

On 09/19/2011 03:20 PM, Daniel Baumann wrote:
On 09/18/2011 06:56 PM, Jongi wrote:
Unpacking libc6 (from .../libc6_2.11.2-10_amd64.deb) ...
[: 392: Illegal number: 3.0-3.dmz.2-liquorix-amd64
/var/lib/dpkg/tmp.ci/preinst: 392: arithmetic _expression_: expecting EOF:
dpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/libc6_2.11.2-10_amd64.deb
clearly you're using not plain debian here and you're using some broken
packages of yours that you need to fix.

Not sure what you consider to be plain debian.

In any event, the issue relates to the libc6 package expecting kernel version numbers to be x.y.z-foo and not x.y-foo

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