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syslinux kernel and timeout


I've upgraded our live CD (i386) to use live-build 3.0~a31-1 (on a
amd64 Wheezy host). The progress is impressive.

One thing I still miss is the syslinux configuration. I originally had:

  --syslinux-timeout 20 \
  --syslinux-splash config/xorcom.lss \

It took me a while to figure out I need to add
syslinux-themes-debian-squeeze_10-1_all.deb as a local package. I figure
that this will change in the near future. Having to override
isolinux/splash.png instead of an explicit config option is slightly
less convinient, but not an issue.

However I now have two extra hook scripts to set syslinux:

$ cat config/hooks/fix_vmlinuz.binary
kernel=$(ls $dir/vmlinuz-* | head -n1)
initrd=$(ls $dir/initrd.img-* | head -n1)
mv "$kernel" "$dir/vmlinuz"
mv "$initrd" "$dir/initrd.img"

I was told on IRC that there should be a bug about this one, but failed
to find it.

The following could be replaced by including my own
isolinux/isolinux.cfg , but as little as possible:

$ cat config/hooks/fix_syslinux_timeout.binary
timeout=20  # units: 1/10 second
sed -i -e "s/^timeout .*/timeout $timeout/" "$cfg"

Another minor issue: the resulting image had
/etc/udev/rules.d/70-*persistent-net.rules . I copied the example script
and it took me a while to figure out that script uses an incorrect path:

--- a/examples/hooks/all_chroot_udev-generators.sh
+++ b/examples/hooks/all_chroot_udev-generators.sh
@@ -5,4 +5,4 @@
 # To enable it, copy or symlink this hook into your
 # config/chroot_local-hooks
 # directory.

-rm -f /etc/udev/rules.d/*persistent-net-generator.rules
+rm -f /etc/udev/rules.d/*persistent-net*.rules

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