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Re: [live-build] support of tar image with syslinux bootloader in live-build 3.x

On 09/05/2011 06:49 PM, Axel wrote:

"tar" target does not seem to be supported anymore in live-build 3.x,
though it was in live-build 2.x, when installing a syslinux bootloader.
Since no error message is reported, as it is when using a bootloader
conflicting with a binary target, I assume this target was just
forgotten. It is supported in the lb_binary_syslinux script from 2.x
Adding the "tar" target to apply the same setting than usb* solved my
problem (diff from current "debian" git branch is provided)

I didnt open a bug report for such a bug, but I m not sure if this
target has more implications. Please tell me if a bug report is needed.


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