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Re: Live installer fails to install

On 04/09/11 02:20 PM, Rafael Belmonte wrote:
> Hello I have tried to install Debian with images
> debian-live-6.0.2-i386-kde-desktop.iso and
> debian-live-6.0.2-amd64-kde-desktop.iso with the md5sum checked.
> I run the installer from the launcher on the desktop (with KDE running),
> and it fails at adding the internet mirror while there is a working
> connection, and later it fails to install grub.

This is probably a matter of ifupdown (inside the installer) and
NetworkManager (in the KDE system) arguing over who has control over
setting up the network. Since Debian-Installer wants to bring up the
network with ifupdown, it will disturb any connection that NM sets up
outside. I am not quite sure how to work around this. Probably the best
way would be to boot the live media without a network and then let the
installer do its thing. Try booting with ip=frommedia which will tell
live-boot to skip network configuration and assume it is present on the
live media, perhaps?

> Therefore the system cannot be installed by this way.

I have successfully installed using the desktop launcher with the
network running on the live system. However, I have had to somehow skip
the network configuration. If booting the live system with the wireless
network configured, for instance, I specified 'eth0' (not plugged in at
the time) as my network interface to Debian Installer, let it fail, and
then continued the install without a network.

As for GRUB step failing, it sounds like you did not continue after the
network configuration failure as you should have. That would have
finished the final stages, including GRUB setup.


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