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Re: Upgraded pinning hook

On 09/01/2011 12:04 AM, Ronny Standtke wrote:
Turning a useful contribution into an argumentum ad personam is quite lousy.
And words like "always" are *always* wrong in this context.

you're actively advertising a workaround that is wrong (see mails in the june thread) and has potential for high maintenance cost for us (people start using it, screw up their systems, come to us for support, btdt), rather than sit down for one day and add grub-efi support in lb to fix the original problem.

i tried to point out, once again, that you have a tendency of 'fixing' things by adding improper workarounds that cost you more time in the end then fixing the problem in the first place, with an insignificant delay of getting a new image out (one day for adding grub-efi support is more than enough; and no, i can't do it, i don't have the hardware for it).

from past experience working with you, i see that this hasn't changed and that i'm still and apparently definitely not getting through to you. therefore, this time and for the future, for good, i'll not try any further anymore.

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