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issue with detecting the right interface

I am not sure if there is a bug here. Here is the issue:

I have machines with multiple NICs and only one of the NICs is
connected to a network which has a DHCP server. The rest are connected
to other networks, and neither of those networks have a DHCP server on
it. When I boot a machine into debian live it tries to get a DHCP
lease on the first interface with a link. Unfortunately one of the
first NICs with a link does not have a DHCP server on it, the script
doesn't seem to time out. Ideally it would time out and tries the
second interface with a link and so on and so forth.

Loading, please wait...
Waiting for ethernet card(s) up... If this fails, maybe the ethernet
card is not supported by the kernel 2.6.39-bpo.2-486?
Looking for a connected Ethernet interface ... eth0 ? eth1 ? eth10 ?
eth11 ? eth12 ? eth13 ? eth2 ? eth3 ? eth4 ? eth5 ? eth6 ? eth7 ? eth8
? eth9 ?
 found eth1.
IP-Config: eth1 hardware address 00:1b:21:b2:a0:44 mtu 1500 DHCP RARP

eth1 has a link but no DHCP server. The interface with the DHCP server
is eth4, but IP-Config never times out on eth1

Any help will be appreciated,

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