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Re: optiplex999 - no display

On 30 August 2011 15:36, nick <Nick.Belshaw@earth.ox.ac.uk> wrote:
> Hi
> how do I not use X or disable vesa using the live-cd?
> sorry for stupidity - but I don't do this that often.
> I have Debian squeeze installed - which failed - which is why I tried
> Debian-live. (GParted-live works btw.)
> For the installed Squeeze I have tried removing X - works fine to
> text-console. then re-installed X - no joy.
> tried forcing 'intel' and 'i915' and 'vesa' using xorg.conf.
> no joy.
> nick

This is an issue with X, not Debian live. You would have better luck
seeking help from Xorg people or reporting the Xorg bug in Xorg
packages in Debian.

For live CD boot parameters install live-boot-doc and/or live-config-doc.

There is also manual at live.debian.net.



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