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Vanillux live iso


for the past few days i have been trying to build a live iso for the
vanillux project and i could use some hints :) i am using a script to
build the iso this way we can recreate iso's later easilly. the
important part and what dosent work is this the config ($1 is the
achitecture i386|amd64):

lb config --architecture $1 \
--binary-images iso-hybrid \
--debian-installer live \
--debian-installer-gui true \
--distribution stable \
--package-lists ../vanillux.list \
--parent-distribution wheezy \
--parent-debian-installer-distribution wheezy \
--debian-installer-distribution wheezy \
--parent-mirror-bootstrap http://ftp.ca.debian.org/debian/ \
--parent-mirror-chroot http://ftp.ca.debian.org/debian/ \
--parent-mirror-binary http://apt.vanillux.org/vanillux/ \
--mirror-bootstrap http://ftp.ca.debian.org/debian/ \
--mirror-chroot http://ftp.ca.debian.org/debian/ \
--hostname vanillux \
--iso-application "Vanillux live" \
--iso-publisher "Vanillux foundation; http://vanillux.org;
vanillux-live@vanillux.org" \
--iso-volume "vanillux-"$1"-live-$(date +%Y%m%d)" \
--archive-areas "main non-free" \
--security false \
--username vanillux-live-user \
--volatile false \

--distribution stable \
--parent-distribution wheezy \
--parent-debian-installer-distribution wheezy \
--debian-installer-distribution wheezy \

gives me

Ign http://apt.vanillux.org wheezy InRelease
Ign http://apt.vanillux.org wheezy Release.gpg
Ign http://apt.vanillux.org wheezy Release
Ign http://apt.vanillux.org wheezy/main TranslationIndex
Ign http://apt.vanillux.org wheezy/non-free TranslationIndex
Err http://apt.vanillux.org wheezy/main i386 Packages
  404  Not Found
Err http://apt.vanillux.org wheezy/non-free i386 Packages
  404  Not Found
Ign http://apt.vanillux.org wheezy/main Translation-en
Ign http://apt.vanillux.org wheezy/non-free Translation-en
W: Failed to fetch
 404  Not Found

W: Failed to fetch
 404  Not Found

E: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old
ones used instead.

Wich is normal wheezy dosent exist on our repository

so i am wondering what im doing wrong. thank you
Fabrice Quenneville

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