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Re: Grml.org patch bomb

On 07/26/2011 11:32 PM, Michael Prokop wrote:

applied, thanks.


misses manpage entry, and please do the silencing of the umount call in a seperate commit/patch, so that it can (if needed) reverted independently from the fromiso thing.


intrigeri commented about that already.


who uses NODHCPHOSTNAME? i couldn't find any reference in live-boot nor initramfs-tools that makes use of this variable.


since we have d-i with l-i by default on the images these days, we should by default copy the whole image to ram, and, if too few space available, either automatically fall back to copying the filesystem only (plus giving a message about it), or, failing with the advice to use a parameter to specify that the filesystem should be copied only.

however, just 'reverting' the command without above doesn't make sense.


reformated to match the documented codying style, otherwise applied, thanks.


looks rather intrusive, in particular, has broken formating, and i wonder if there's no code in intramfs-tools already that can be sourced for that.


i'll wait for that on comments from Michal.

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