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Bug#635177: live-build: live wheezy usb-hdd -> isolinux insted of syslinux will be installed

On 07/24/2011 10:43 AM, upiter77@lycos.com wrote:
> Yep, I've done 'lb clean' and 'lb clean --purge' before and it doesn't work.

On the basis of what do you say "it doesn't work", actually booting the
image, or just examining the contents afterwards? I think your
expectations for what should be in the isolinux directory may just be wrong.

The reason I ask is, there is one other problem*** that afflicts booting
an image completely unrelated to the syslinux themes issue. Even after
adding the updated themes, the resulting "Live" entry in the menu failed
to find the kernel without a local hook to rename the kernel to vmlinuz
and the initrd filename to initrd.img.

If you're seeing a "Live" entry in your menu when booting your image,
the problem you reported is solved by the new themes packages and this
bug can be closed. The actual name of the .cfg file is unimportant so
long as the bootloader finds and uses it.

> in the build.log I have the following messages:

These are perfectly normal ...

> *Removing syslinux ...
> Removing syslinux-themes-debian-squeeze ...*
> BTW I cannot understand why syslinux will be removed.

It is removed because after the creation of the binary, there is no need
to have the packages in the chroot. The final system will have the
default bootloader packages in it (i.e. grub) or else whatever your
preferred bootloader is (specified in custom package lists). Thus, if
you include an installer on the image, you can have your preferred
bootloader installed from the image even though syslinux is the default
for the live system binary itself.

*** I had thought there was already a bug filed about this but can't
find it. I'll have to do some further testing & file one.

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