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Re: live-build web-frontend of the Debian Live Project


On Thu, Jun 2, 2011 at 7:19 AM, Annie Beaudis <anybodhi@yahoo.fr> wrote:

i've tried several times to use this web-frontend to build an iso
and each time i have trouble to use it

so i wonder wether there is somewhere a documentation about
how to use the web frontend... i had no success in finding it.

No documentation per say on live-build.debian.net . The idea is to just provide a simple web front end for live-build.
for instance i tried to make an iso based on the iso-hybrid squeeze xfce-studio
and i get a 109M file...with nothing related to X nor to xfce....??? in the packages list

so if you have some infos on this (where to find ...) i'd be glad to dig more...

I did reproduce your issue. I am not sure why the lists referencing #include is not working. I will try to test out a bit more. As an untested workaround try:

--packages-list studio

--packages xfce4 gdm3 desktop-base

I think the above provides a like build as studio-xfce.


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