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Bug#627677: alternative initramfs compressor


Colin Watson wrote (23 May 2011 14:47:18 GMT) :
> We compress the initramfs on the Ubuntu live CD with LZMA to save a
> bit of space. Here's a patch to allow live-build to do this.

I do like the idea. We've been using initramfs-tools' COMPRESS=lzma in
Tails for a few months, and I would greatly welcome having such
support integrated in some way into Debian Live. Thank you, Colin, for
working on this feature.

> +		# We probably ought to use COMPRESS= in a temporary file in
> +		# /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/ instead, but it's hard to
> +		# pass options that way.

If this is your only reason to decompress / recompress the ramdisks
(implicitly depending on those being compressed using gzip in the
first place), wouldn't it be better to make initramfs-tools support a
COMPRESS_OPTIONS option + indeed use its conf.d/ to set COMPRESS=,
rather than adding the same options to live-build?

I believe it would be more robust for Debian Live users, easier to
maintain for Debian Live developers, and would as a bonus benefit to
all other initramfs-tools users.

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