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Customization of the initrd file from the tftpboot directory


I work on a project to load an operating system by the network after a PXE boot.
I want to integrate the Debian Live in our manufacturing process of this system.
The operation is as follows: a kernel and initrd are loaded by TFTP and PXE and then the init script in the initrd mount an AUFS filesystem from a NFS export. The user can access to a network live system.
I must include specific options (an option for the DHCP server during query to not disturb other DHCP servers, a custom init script to mount home, filesystems...).

It is possible to generate a Debian Live tftpboot directory containing an initrd and a kernel with the "-b net" option from "lb config". I was wondering if we could customize this initrd in the same way that we can customize Debian Live using hooks scripts? I didn't find any answers to that question, am I missing Something?

Best regards.
Yann Genevois

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